My Gallery
    Is a Gallery where picture are? Or are they where our memory goes when we need a smile or to make someone laugh.  Some of the things I find lovely, you will find here.  
My  Sons
        Yes these two hansome boys are my sons. This is from April 2016 getting ready to hunt eggs.  I had these two great boys at a time guys my age were becoming Grandfathers not fathers.   They also are blessed with a wonderful caring mother and maternal grandmother.
Thier Mom
      I meet this wonder woman in January 2006. We got married in November 2007.  One day a year I am 30 years older then her. My birthday is 1 day before her's.  Thou we are no longer together I don't let people talk bad about her as she is the mother of my sons.
Easter morning 20016
Mom in van January 20016
       I have been around awhile and done some things. I started working for GULF OIL CO a month out high school.  From 1974 to 2000.  I have traveled thru many states to visit historic sites, try some golfing, and watch baseball. I have seen Baseball played in about 40 states.
Many Christmas Eves
Me hiking and getting lost
       For 20 years I was a volunteer fireman. Many a Christmas Eve, when i didn't have to work, you could find me walking thru Colwyn Boro giving out 200 dz Candy Canes.  I would also help Santa visit the children that were sick and could come outside and visit with him.  We would take all day and decorate the truck. Then start at 6 PM.
Were I lived for all but 4 years
Santa on Colwyn Fire Co #1 Truck 10-1
      For most of my 60 years I have always been within 10 miles of  Delaware County, PA.  Outside of vacations  and  the time I worked in UTAH for a year.  Most of the time I was outside of the county was when I was working in the Phila area refinery.
Old map of Delaware County, PA